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Feb 25

So are we all agreed on tumblarian now?

Do we need to second the motion?

  1. themonicabird answered: I want buttons that say Tumblarian Pride now.
  2. karenslist answered: I like tumblrarian…because it doesn’t mess w/ the word tumblr
  3. chrischelberg answered: I agree with this version.
  4. missrumphiusproject said: Yes. Tumblarian.
  5. paperandparticles answered: I find tumblarians is easier to say. So, I’m on board with it.
  6. cavalierzee answered: Thumbs up for tumblarian
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  8. hencethe answered: Yay Tumblarian! It’s an easier word linguistically, so I’m all for it.
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    Not that we are the be-all-end-all authorities, but Kate and I had a tête-à-tête and agreed on tumblarian. Occasionally...
  10. heyheynaynay answered: I dig it
  11. mildmoderngirl answered: I second it!
  12. alfa-limalimon answered: tumblarian! Yes!
  13. lecieltumultueux answered: Here here
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