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Dec 3
“The Library has been supporting the legislation with one minor proviso: that in the case of orphan works, we can provide payment to rightsholders if and when they appear, rather than handing money over in advance to a governmental fund that will only rarely be used.” Ben White at the British Library, writing for the New Statesman. Not a minor proviso, IMHO - an extended collective licensing regime that would have libraries paying up front to use works that are abandoned would be a massive waste. Much more reasonable for libraries to pay as appropriate on the very rare occasion that a rightsholder surfaces and demands compensation. (via arlpolicynotes)

(via arlpolicynotes)

Oct 19
On October 29, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral argument in Kirtsaeng v. Wiley, a dispute over the importation and re-sale of cheap foreign editions of textbooks. At the heart of the case is the “first-sale doctrine,” the provision in copyright law that makes it possible for libraries to lend books and other copyrighted material, for students to sell used textbooks, and for any rightful owner to sell or lend the copyrighted works they own. Because it touches such a fundamental aspect of copyright law, the decision of this case could have sweeping, profound effects for libraries, calling into question whether materials printed abroad can circulate legally.
For more details about the case and its implications for libraries, read the Library Copyright Alliance’s amicus curiae brief (PDF).

Jul 6