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St. Paul Public Library: Sharing More Than Books

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Oct 21
I am 88% certain this approach does not work.

I am 88% certain this approach does not work.

Oct 16
“Libraries are the institutions across the country best equipped to provide public Internet access along with digital content and digital literacy support.”

Aug 19

The Digital Divide Is Still Leaving Americans Behind

[F]olks in urban areas in search of free Internet often wind up at libraries. New York City libraries house over 4,000 publicly available computers and 1,300 laptops available for rent. New York Public Library President and CEO Anthony Marx told Mashable the New York Public Library was the leading free provider of basic computer skills training, with over 7,700 classes in all of its branches. Marx said these classes were intended to increase computer literacy among New Yorkers.

“If you don’t have the basic computer skills, you can’t apply for a job. You can’t be qualified for a job. Let alone emailing your mother and keeping in touch with her,” he said.

But Marx said that over the past five years, the city has reduced the library’s funding by about 18%, and though they haven’t closed branches or reduced staff, it’s nearly impossible to reach every New Yorker in need of a computer or wireless access.

The Digital Divide Is Still Leaving Americans Behind

Jun 18

May 22
“'Librarians have a natural place in the forefront of helping students be more adept at online research. School librarians should be a partner in this,' one teacher said. 'Oftentimes, teachers don't realize that, or sadly schools don't have school librarians.'” EdWeek: Teaching Students Better Online Research Skills

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