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Jun 12

Apr 24

Libraries matter: use videos to advocate for libraries

This May, National Library Legislative Day participants can use the “Libraries Matter” videos to educate policymakers about the countless ways that libraries impact their communities. Library champions are encouraged to send the videos to policymakers before or after their scheduled meetings advocacy meetings (i.e., in a “thank you” note). Access the full video playlist.

Share the videos on social media using the #LibrariesMatter hashtag.

Mar 14

Mar 6

Jan 29

Early reading starts at the library. Public libraries educate children years before they begin school. As centers for early literacy that offer reading materials, story times and summer reading programs, libraries are an interactive place for young children to enjoy books and reading.

Young children develop literacy skills, enjoy positive learning experiences and prepare to enter kindergarten school-ready at the library. Best of all, parents love libraries too: 97% of parents think that it is important for libraries to offer programs and classes for children and teens. Additionally, libraries improve early literacy development by educating parents and caregivers.

Jan 22
“In an increasingly diverse world, libraries bring communities together and serve people of all ages and backgrounds. I hope more people will look to librarians in policy conversations ranging from broadband adoption to 21st-century education and learning to public access to government information and resources. With more than 16,400 locations, libraries reach nearly every corner of this great nation, and we are part of the solution in ensuring everyone may be able to thrive in the digital age.” Libraries as America’s Techno-Glue?

Dec 5
“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” Nelson Mandela

Oct 16
“Libraries are the institutions across the country best equipped to provide public Internet access along with digital content and digital literacy support.”

Sep 17

I’m a little behind on Night Vale, and even though it’s a little old, I still feel obligated to post this excellent and bizarre tribute to libraries, literacy and weirdness.

Jun 18

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